Société Générale, Geneva

At the heart of Geneva

The mission of this interior design project in Rue du Rhône 8 was to create a grand space of a total 6300 m2 and organize it in the most flexible way so togather the entire team of Société Générale – for Investment as well as Private banking – under one roof. 

Given the very short deadline for its execution, the project demanded both work of precision and rapid execution.

In addition, several special rooms for the banking activity as well as technical rooms had to be equipped and set up for immediate use on the upper floors, while the ground and underground floor – which were not furnished before – had to be entirely equipped.

The result of this effort translates into a contemporary complex of offices distributed along five floors, of which the last hosting an ample Client centre. The goal to reunite the group, which until then had been scattered in several different buildings around the city, is hence a success.

TJCA was therefore able to effectively implement the client’s new Private banking concept of “Building team spirit together” expressed in their slogan. In fact, the new surface has been conceived so to facilitate interaction between the group: generous landscape rooms, open and private spaces, numerous collaborative zones as well as small conference rooms are all adequately fitted out to counter worker’s daily needs.

Moreover, to elude a monotone perspective and enliven the general traffic, glass divisions decorated with decals especially designed for the client are installed throughout the structure.

Furthermore, on the elevator’s level close to the offices, TJCA has created lounges on each floor, designing each in a unique theme: Scandinavian on the 3rd, a red bricks loft on the 4th, a beige bricks loft on the 5th and a Swiss chalet theme on the 6th floor.

These areas are intended for informal breaks, to incentivize collaboration while reinforcing the team spirit.

 As a result, this project shows how modern architecture can greatly influence a business’ efficiency in providing it with an adequate setting to successfully face its daily challenges.

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