Société Générale, Geneva

Salons like treasuries

In implementing this project, TJCA selected copper as a main theme so to use a noble, not too opulent material which, in addition to reflecting the client’s corporate values, also takes us back into time when Société Générale helped erecting the Tour Eiffel – also made of copper – in 1889.

The salons are set up as an actual gallery, with the main traffic circulating in and around the area and allowing the view of a selection of contemporary artworks, all owned by the bank – an important sponsor in this niche – with a particular interest in painting, sculpture and photography.

For this luxurious and very comfortable surface, TJCA has created fourteen salons, of which ten for client reception, presenting a unique design inspired by a treasury as the key message symbolizing the shield for one’s possessions.

The concept was implemented using different materials to creatively portray the bank’s code of ethics, standing for discretion, professionalism and humanitarianism, as well as heritage, alliance and sense of vision.

In the “Salon patrimoine”, representing the bank’s sense of tradition, the main materials used are paper and slate as a hint to Swiss architecture and its roofing. The effect of wrinkled paper recalls the passing on of cultural heritage, knowledge sharing, artistic expression and message carter.

The “Salon d’alliance”, allegory for trust, emphasizes SG’s significant projects throughout history. In here we find the use of leather, another noble material serving the handcrafts as well as the industrial production. A vintage image of a rail station in steel makes a parallel with Geneva’s central station, asserting its solid connection to Paris.

Finally, the “Salon de lumière” is a metaphor for clarity. Both natural and artificial lighting are used in here, shining through translucent panels that maximize the space’s clarity while offering a unique view over Lake Léman. Corian – the versatile synthetic material – is also extensively used, symbolizing avant-garde and progress, but also solidness (like marble) and smoothness (like silk).

The choice of materials for the remaining salons is more traditional, with more private and cosy areas been created for casual breaks.

Last but not least, a semi-professional kitchen at the same level is set up for clients’ comfort.

In walking through the salons, the visitor is taken through an exclusive, all-sense stimulating journey. Indulging their aesthetic and artistic eye; admiring the breath-taking view over Geneva, the Rhône River and its surroundings; and reflecting on the precious ties linking Switzerland to France, the Alps to the Mediterranean.

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