Sept Finance Test

Wealth management office makeover

In the district of Champel, TJCA has carried out the bureau renovation for Sept Finance, a local business specializing in wealth management. The project consisted in modernizing the company’s reception and meeting rooms, as well as renewing the team offices.

The construction site of a total 750 m2 distributed over one floor was completed in eight months. In order for the company to keep its operation flow during that time, works had to be performed in several steps. Also, some working areas were isolated so to avoid interference with the client’s daily, while at the same time enabling a smooth transition.

TJCA’s idea here was to align the renovation design with the company’s corporate identity. The outcome resulting in a minimalistic and sleek ambiance – with warm and glossy materials, wooden flooring in the client area, and carpet in the offices and meeting rooms applied – further underlines the company’s flawless staging.

Particular attention was also put in optimizing natural lighting, applying, amongst other things, transparent layers between rooms for top architectural rendering.

Project details

Considerable effort was put in the reception area in order to maximize the space’s potential. Once again to best use natural lighting, walls were demolished to expand and open up the entire space – which until then was minor and shady. Dimmable lighting was also applied, especially in the corridor area, generating an overall pleasant setting.

More graphic elements from the company’s corporate identity are recalled in the décor, with logo stickers applied on transparent and backlit panels, stretched canvas in the brand’s peacock blue and shaded wallpaper to complete the overall interior effect.

But the space’s interior is above all designed to be ergonomic and functional. Ample and custom-designed storage place is hence found in every area of the space. Modular ceiling isles replacing the old and unsightly metallic ones have also been integrated and made demountable for easy access to technical wires and cables.

Last but not least, the team’s operational rooms likewise fulfil a practical and well-designed function, without exception however to aesthetics – which, like the rest, is classy and contemporary.

Sept Finance TestChris Miller