Medtronic – PODs®

Creation of PODs®: mobile space design

TJCA developed the innovative idea of the « POD® », an element which can be used to harmoniously articulate the different zones in a generously-sized open-plan office layout.

The « PODs® » form natural light-filled work cells which are conducive to both concentration and communication; their disposition liberates the façades and boosts the workspaces by opening them up to more light.

The « PODs® » are raised slightly, to demark themselves from their surrounding space.  They have alternating colours and give a living rhythm to the spaces. The ventilation and other technical systems are perfectly integrated in the in acoustic ceilings, (forming a real phonic barrier). The floors are finished with comfortable plush carpeting.

Each « POD®» plays with an alternating colour and gives a living harmony to the whole project.

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