Foot Locker, Geneva

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Located in a classified building, this new FootLocker store is sited on Rue de la Confédération in the “Passage des Lions” hallway edifice and pedestrian zone at the heart of Geneva’s town centre.

Upon request from the CMNS, the national Commission for Monuments, Nature and Sites, the project first of all consisted in recreating the old façade so to harmonize it with the store windows of the neighbouring ones, which had also been renovated previously. 

The concept and interior design is industrial and identical to all European FootLocker stores, with visible bricks, long shelves on red walls and visual recalls of the brand’s logo in black and white.

The constructed surface is of a total 342 m2, of which 130 m2 destined to the store. The remaining space is for storage and also includes a staff room. The project was concluded in just two months.

A considerable mediation effort between the different actors involved in the project has been essential in ensuring its success. From managing authorisations throughout Europe, coordinating guidelines from FootLocker Netherlands and GAA Architects (Giraldi Associati Architetti) in Italy for concept and design, to overseeing agreements between IWP engineers in the UK and project managers in Germany; and finally, supervising the work of the local companies.

One delicate aspect has been the approval of the CVC concept, as it was formerly conceived abroad by the company’s engineers but unsuitable to Geneva’s laws. Also, FootLocker’s original concept for store windows and signs contrasted with CMNS’s operation and therefore had to be readapted to local customs.

The implementation plan for the store windows was finally approved by CMNS prior to hardware manufacturing. A meticulous attention was also put in preserving the building’s ancient stone, which until then had been hidden by the imposing sign of a former photography store located in that spot before.

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